Singing Valentines Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I purchase a singing Valentine?


How do I pay for my singing Valentine?

We will have a group of 2-6 singers come to the place you request and sing 1-2 songs in an a cappella harmony. Along with the songs, we deliver a small card with a message you can personalize.


You will be asked to provide credit card information over the phone when you place your order. This information will be processed securely via the Square Cash app, and an electronic receipt will be sent to you. Paying via our secure PayPal is another option that can be provided.

What if I live outside your usual delivery area?




Can I specify the time of
my Singing Valentine to
be delivered?

If you live in the Salt Lake Area but outside of downtown, we may be able to make a special delivery arrangement with an extra delivery fee to cover travel costs and extra time. We may need to adjust the delivery time according to your location. 
A "Singing Valentine phone-a-gram" e is available for a price of $15, sung live. After three phone attempts, we will leave a voicemail.


While scheduling many Singing Valentines can be a challenge, we do our best to accommodate to your time schedule. Scheduling a delivery on February 14th will require a lot of flexibility, as it will be our busiest day. 

Am I required to be present when the Singing Valentine is delivered?


Can I order more than one Singing Valentine?

No, it is not a requirement for you to be there. However, if you'd like to share the experience of seeing your darling's face at the time of delivery, we welcome you to join us! We can make arrangements to shoot you a call or text when we are on our way to deliver your Singing Valentine.


You can order as many Singing Valentines as you like! There is no limit to the number of Valentines you order, and we may be able to make price arrangements for larger orders.