Gileadi Dance realizes dance expression through awareness of internal impulses informing the external body. Collaborating art forms into dance facilitates internal connection, communal cognizance, and causes a ripple effect of achieving innovative transformation.




GDC started its first season in February, 2017, premiering Mr. Blue. The performance laid the company's groundwork of exploring one's innermost impulses coming to outer expression.

Using dance, singing, spoken word, music, visual art and theatre, Gileadi Dance loves to entertain, provoke thought and provide education. We seek to create a space for individuals to recognize and utilize inner impulses and desires, and strive to create future discussion, progression, and curiosity.

Downtown SLC Magazine

Downtown SLC Magazine

Published in collaboration with the SLC Cultural Core

by Tyler Bloomquist

Utah Art Magazine

Mr. Blue by Artists of Utah

Published in collaboration with loveDANCEmore

by Emily Snow

We reached for the stars, [and] then flew right past them.


UVU Review 

by Diana Clarke